The third week:

Monday: 4 of them stood round scratching their heads and saying "Oh dear" or words to that effect.

Something was blocking the waste-water pipe !

I had to phone the care-taker to come with the key to the apartment below because they are on holiday... then he had to get the man on the first floor to open the door (he's a funny one !!) then he (the caretaker) had to phone the manager of the bar below (street level) to come in early !

By the time they were finished all the flats on this side of the house  had blocked pipes and they (the plumbers) ended up in the cellar !!

Took them til 15.30 to unblock everything :-)))  ROTFL


Tuesday ... the builder's men started filling up the bl**dy great holes they'd made ...
the gas people said they must take all the old gas pipes away and lay new ones.

Wednesday ..

gas people came to change pipes .. just caught the builders men filling up the holes ..
"Oh dear" they said .. we need those holes to put the new pipes through !! can you take the filling out ?????

Electrician (lady) came .. 


walked round the hall saying things like "Oh dear" , "Good Lord" and "I've never seen one of those before" !!!

They left us on Wednesday evening without hot water ... 

My husband showered with ice cold water .. I didn't !!

Thursday: they started replacing the tiles on the wall that they'd knocked out !! left us with no hot water again but that didn't matter as they forgot to put the bath back anyway !!


The builder came with a couple of new men ... one had to carry the heavy sacks of cement up-stairs .. they are Turkish I think .. anyway they don't understand a bl**dy word and instructions are given in sigh language and pidgin Bavarian !!!
"You go sack bringen .. you not throw 30 kilo sack on floor .. house shake .. house fall down"

The other one is supposed to clean up the mess .. he's got a broom and wafts the dust from one corner to the other. He even found corners that were dust-less !!

Friday .. they filled the bathroom floor with cement .. then about mid-day the last worker left ..
no bath .. no hot water ... no cold water except for a drip ??

Last worker said "Plumber must come .. pipe drip drip drip ... by Monday water in 2nd floor".


I phoned the builder .. he's not responsible for water !!    Phoned the plumber .. he said "put a bucket under it !!"

I tried but a bucket didn't fit .. put a pan under it .. pan filled up very quickly !! 

phoned plumber again...

 "I can't sit here all weekend emptying pan, I won't be able to go to bed !!!" plumber says builder is at fault .. I say "I don't care .. shall I call an emergency plumber" .. no he says I'll come to-night between 8 and 8.30 !!

In the mean time I registered my new idea with the Patent Office ...

as a wild animal park.

The plumber came at 8.30 and left us at 10 with a bath and hot water :-)


Spent Saturday cleaning living room and Sunday cleaning my PC room !!

Fourth week