The Fourth Week

Monday ..

Had a new bathtub, basin and shower built in :-) can't use them though !! they are full of water.

Tuesday:   Electrician phoned about 10.00 ... "Would I be at home at 12?" ... spent 2 hours cleaning the bathroom. Waited for electricians .. they came at 3 !!

5 of them .. filled the hall with tools and made a very competent impression .. "take those pictures down .. remove those bookcases etc. we don't want to get them dusty do we?"

In 15 mins. I  moved 10 meters of books to sofas in living room .. filled bedroom with photo frames and then 4 of them left after saying they would be back the next day at 7 in the morning.

One stayed and proceeded to knock holes in bathroom walls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Books still on sofas so sat on floor to watch TV.

Good news for Tuesday : kids went back to school :-)))


Electricians started to knock holes into all the walls that until now had been spared !!


Left us with light again in the bedroom and husband's PC room :-)


The electricians 

have cut off all the electricity so I've barricaded my-self into PC room with coffee machine and toaster.

(to those who are wondering "How can she make coffee without electricity ?" ... 

this flat was at one time 2 flats ... and we still have two separate circuits !) 

After leaving my room: I thought I'd better do a bit of washing-up !! 
discovered to my great surprise that I'd grown 3 cms. ?? 
But on closer examination I saw that it was the sink that had sunk !! 

One of the electricians said "Oh .. I wondered what the "CRACK" was !".

The boss (lady) is going to buy me a new cupboard for the sink :-) 

They left at 17.30 leaving me with more dust than the previous 3 firms together but we do now have light in the hall :-)



The builder said they would tile the bathroom to-day.

It is now 10.00 and no one has turned up !! are they ever coming back ?


 .. it took 10 weeks for them to finish ..... I lost my sense of humour after the first 4 weeks of our