The second week:

The heating people came .. first thing they did was take down the old gas pipes .. at the same time they cut through the telephone lines and the electric wires to our bedroom and Henio's PC room....  (they fixed the telephone line but wouldn't touch the wiring) then they ripped up part of the bathroom floor to get at the water pipes:

Bedroom in darkness 

On the Tuesday they said:

 "the water pipes are too old .. we will replace them all .. 

the bathroom is too old we will replace it .. 

the gas pipes are too old .. you need new ones .. 

the wiring is much too old .. you'll have to have everything rewired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they then proceeded to rip everything out and by the end of the week the bathroom looked like this:


and the washing machine went mad and

pumped all of the dirty water into the bathtub !! 

I thought that on the Monday they would say: 

"Oh. that's normal .. it's because of this, that or the other" !!

The third week