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Famous People Connected with Brantford/Brant County

Ignatius Cockshutt, born: 24 August 1812 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Henry (Harry) Cockshutt, born 8 July 1868 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Brant County, Ontario, Gen Web Project

A Glimpse of the Past, A Centennial History of Brantford and Brant County

Brant County, Ontario biographical sketches, transcribed by Bill Bowman

Memoirs of Ignatius published 1903

The MacLeod-Cockshutt gold mine is located in southwestern Ashmore township and southeastern Errington township. The property is accessible by highway 584, south from Geraldton, Ontario, Canada. Claims were staked by Arthur Cockshutt and Fred MacLeod in 1931

Descendants of William Cockshott of the Parish of Kildwick

Calvert County Wills

COCKSHULL (originally COCKSHUTT) in London



COCKSHOTT parish in Shropshire

Salopia Antiqua 1841

COCKSHOT Point An eminence near Keswick, Cumberland commanding a general view of Derwent Water

COCKSHOOT Gloucestershire just to the NW of Stroud

COCKSHOOTS Farm in Worcestershire

COCKSHOT Camp in Durham [Antiquity (non Roman)]

COCKSHOTTS Wood, Lancashire

COCKSHOT Lane, Bolsterstone

From the Durham Record Office

Ref No. D/CG 19/16 25 February 1632/3

(1) Sir William Selby of Winlaton, Knight
(2) Sir Robert Hodshon of Winlaton, Knight
(3) Robert Anderson, of Newcastle upon Tyne Esquire and Alderman

Deed of partition between (1) (2) and (3) as tenants in common of the Lordship of Winlaton. (1) to receive: lands and woods in Barlay, Shereburne Greene and Lynsford (a parcel of the West Lordship of Winlaton) occupied by the tenants specified and lands called Low Brockwells (a parcel of the East Lordship) (42a.2r.0p), oakwoods there and in Over Brockwells; Great Gaires Field and White Gares Field also in the East Lordship but without oakwoods; oakwoods growing at Bowes Close at Nether Spen in the West Lordship and at Springhill and Black Myers Grounds in the East Lordship, at the Hagg next to White House at the east side of the Cockshott in the Hagg and at Little Raven Hill, Great Raven Hill and the east side of the Cockshott as specified and cottages in Winlaton and Blaydon as specified (2) to receive: lands at Upper Spenn, Nether Spenn, Reads Intack, Smeeles, and Thornellay, in the West Lordship as specified with all oak woods except in Bowes Close and the lands of William Beson in Nether Spenn; lands called the Lordes Birkes (a parcell of the East Lordship) one tenement and three closes near Winlaton Mills (10a), three quarters of Wilkinson Birkes, Stampley Mosses and Snookehill and all oakwood in Wilkinson Birkes, and Gairefeilds divided and allotted to Selby, all oakwood in Norman Riddinges (parcel of the East

/16 (cont) Lordship) and in Lockhaugh Hill and the Bankes and gilles adjoyning Robert Lawson's Tenement (25a.), oakwoods on the west side of the Cockshott in the pasture called the Hagg and south from the low end of the Cockshott as specified, oakwoods in the great pasture called the Lawms and in all the Gairefeildes in the East Lordship and all oakwood in Norman Riding, and cottages in Winlaton town and Blaydon as specified (3) to receive a messuage and tenement at Nether Spenn and oakewood growing upon the same, a tenement at Smeeles in the West Lordship with oakwood growing there, oakwood on William Beason's tenement at Nether Spen and one fourth part of closes called Wilkinson Birkes, Stamplay Mosses and Snooke Hill and 2 cottages each in Blaydon and Winlaton. Attached memo on the discovery of this deed by W.W. Gibson, 8 March 1938

(parchment, 1 membrane and 1 paper)


Ref No. D/Gr 459 [M 35] English. 1 June 1770.

Licence of the Dean and Chapter of Durham to William Mills, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to 'alien', to John Bird of Sherburn House, Durham, the close called Cockshott 'boundering' with Haywing Wood (east), Coopeth Lane (south), Windmill Hill (west), and a close called the Lowfield (north), with a wayleave [etc.], from the river of Tyne to the close called Cockshott which said close is parcel of a tenement of Nether Heworth, Durham, late John Catcheside's, and reputed to be the 5th part of the said tenement,the Dean and Chapter having in 1769 granted Mills a lease of the same for 21 years under the yearly rent of 10s.8d.

Seal missing.


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