Will of Stephen 1682

  1. Know all Men by these presents that I ~
  2. Stephen Cockshutt now in Wapping the the parish of St Mary Whitechappell
  3. in the County of Midd[lese]x Mariner for good causes & considerations me~
  4. hereunto moveing have made assigned ordained and authorised and by these
  5. presents in my stead and place put and constituted my trusty & welbeloved
  6. friend William Woolard of Wapping aforesaid Grocer to be my true & ~
  7. lawfull Attorney irrevocable for me in my name and to my only use to aske
  8. demand and resolve and if occasion be to sue for leavie and  recover of and~~
  9. from all and sundry person and persons whatsoever and wheresoever all and~
  10. singuler such debts rents wages ticquets pensions legacies duties dues sume
  11. and sumes of money and all other goods chattels claymes & demands [wha]tsoever
  12. which now are or which at any time or times hereafter shall be due oweing
  13. or in any wise belonging to me Giveing and hereby granting unto my said~
  14. Attorney my full power & authoritie both for the obtaineing and discharging~
  15. the promises satysfyeing and hereby confirming all and whatsoever my s[ai]d
  16. Attorney shall lawfully doe or cause to be done both for the obtaineing and
  17. dischargeing the promisses by virtue of these presents And in case of death [o]f the
  18. said Stephen Cockshutt Doe make and declare my last Will & Testament
  19. in manner and forme following (that is to say) and all and singuler my estate

  20. goods chattels debts wages pay and creditts whatsoever I give devise & bequeath unto
  21. my said welbeloved freind William Woolard and to his heirs & assignes to have
  22. & to hold forever whom I doe appoint my Executor of this my last Will & testam[en]t
  23. In witnesse whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seale the five and twentith
  24. day of September Anno Domini One Thousand six hundred eighty two~~~
  25. Anneas XXv Caroli secundi Dei gratia Anglia r[e]x tricesimoquarto Stephen
  26. Cockshutt Sealed and delivered read and declared in the pre[sen]ce of Je: Stillgoe
  27. Wm. Page Snr. Neare new Crane Wapping. ح

  28. Probatum fuit humei testum apud London coram venerabili ciro
  29. Domino Thoma Coton milite et legum proxe Surrogate venerabilis et
  30. egregii viri Domini Leolini Jenkins Militis legum etiam ce’ris C***~~~
  31. praerogatice cantuariensis Magri custodis sive commissariitime~~~
  32. constituti secundo die mensis februarii Anno Domini (Stylo Anglia)~
  33. millisimo sexcentisimo octogesimo quarto Juramento Guilielmi Woolward
  34. Erecut in dco testo nominat Qui cominissa fuit Administatio omnium et~
  35. singulorum bonorium **** et creditorium detti de bene et fidele Admissando
  36. eadem et sita Dei Evangelia Jurat


Which may be something like……(very very very roughly)
Probate was ???? at the house in London of the venerable heart/beloved

Master Thomas Coton soldier and legal proxy and surrogate of the venerable and

??? ??? Master Lionel Jenkins soldier and  ?? ???

prerogative court of Canterbury  master and commissary

made the second day of the month of february in the year of our Lord (English style)

one thousand sixhundred and eighty four.  Sworn ? William Woolard

???? who was granted administration of all and

singular the goods ??? and credits debts to administer well and truly 

having sworn ** God ** Evanlgelists