(Dunno the Latin sentence -- unusual start) 
...The serious considerac[i]ons whereof hath caused me John Cockshute
this fourteenth day of June 1649 to make this my last will and testament as
followeth First I humbly returne my soule into the hands of my most gratious 
Creator stedfastly beleiveing I shall receive salvation through the only merritts of
Jesus Christ my most mercifull Redeemer. I leave my body to the earth to be
buried at the discretion of my executors and wish the same at Sandersted by my
deere wife if conveniently it may be. And I give to the poore of the parish where
I shalbe buried three pounds And in disposition of the worldly estate with which
it hath pleased Almighty god to blesse me, I give to my loveing sister Judith
Walkenden twenty Nobles a yeare dureing her life to be paid to her selfe for her owne
vse And I give to every of her Children shee shall have liveing at my decease
twenty pounds apeece to be disposed of for their education or binding as
apprentices as my executors shall thinke fitt. And I give and bequeath vnto
my Nephew Richard Langton in consideratcon and satisfaction of certaine
mony and plate I have in my hands of his, as also out of the affection I bare [sic]
towards him, two hundred pounds, to be paid him at his age of one and
twenty yeares, and the whole or any part thereof to be disbursed sooner to
binde him apprentice or other preferment as my executors shall thinke fitt 
And I pray them to looke vpon him as left to my care by his parents And
what I shall disburse after the date hereof to binde the said Richard Langton 
apprentice my will and meaneing is shalbe deducted out of the said two
hundred pounds And I give to Tho[mas] Fox (if he continue my servant at my
death) five pounds. I desire authorize and appointe my executors or the Survivo[r]
of them within three yeares or so soone as the same may conveniently be
donne with the advice of my Overseers or either of them of hee or they be neere
London or may conveniently be advised with to lay out and dispose my personall
estate or such part thereof as my executors shalbe able to gett into their hands
vpon Land And I will and desire that the proffitte[s] of my whole estate be imployed
by my executors for the maintenance of my children, and for the raiseing
of fifteene hundred pounds, which I herby give and appoint for a porc[i]on for my
daughter to be paid her at the age of one and twenty yeares or day of marriage
And in case shee marry before twenty one yeares of age without the consent of
one of my executors or overseers Then I will and appoint such part of her
portion be abated as one of my Executors and one of my Overseers shall thinke 
fitt or as both my Executors or as both my Overseers shall sett downe in 
writing vnder their respective hands and seales And in case the third part 
of my reall and personall estate shall not amount to fifteene hundred pounds
at the time appointed for payment thereof Then I will my daughters porc[i]on
shall not exceed one third part of my reall and personall estate at such time
of payment of my daughters porc[i]on in case my sonne be then liveing or
have any child. Item I give all the residue of my estate not hereafter disposed of
to my sonne at his age of two and twenty yeares And I appoint such allowance
for my childrens maintenance and education as my executors shall thinke 
convenient And if my daugheter dye before her attainement of one and twenty
years or marriage Then I give her part to my sonne And if my sonn depart
this life before one and twenty yeares of age or day of marriage Then I give
one full third part of his part reall and personall estate the one halfe thereof
to Richard Langton the other moitie to be devided betweene my sister Walkendens
Children And the other two parts I give to my daughter the whole to be paid
at the respective times appointed the said respective persons for other legacies
or porc[i]ons And I will that Richard Langton and my sisters Children accept
of such part and proporc[i]on for their respective shares of the said third parte

as my executors shall sett downe in writing vnder their handes and in case of
any of their refusall to accept thereof I appoint such share or proporc[i]on to
my daughter And in case that both my children depart this life before either
of their attainement of one and twenty yeares or marriage Then I give two
hundred pounds apeece to each of my executors who shall have taken vpon
them the trust herby limitted. And three hundred pounds to be bestowed in
such charitable vse or vses as my executors shall thinke fitt. One hundred
pounds thereof to be imployed at Sarret where I was borne and in case of 
such death of my children I give to the right hon[ora]ble Lady Banks two hundred
pounds which I humbly desire her Ladishipp to accept as testimony of my
acknowledgment of her honors worthy Lord and husband and her La[dyshi]pps
favors towards me. And the residue of my estate reall and personall in
case of such death of bothe my children I give to my Nephew Richard Langton
and my sister Walkendens Children to be equally devided amongst them,
to come to them at such time as their former Legacies, and in such
dividente[s] as my executors shall make them, who I authorize to disburse for
their education and preferment such part as they shall thinke fitt. And I
make my approved freinds Henry Parker of Grayes Inn Esqr. and Mr
Harman Atwood of Cliffords Inn my executors And I give each of then one
hundred marks And my meaneing is And I desire the said Henry Parker
shall give bond to one of my overseers before he the said Henry Parker
doe take vpon him the execution of this my will that he will not take
advantage by being named herein an Executor thereby to discharge any
debt he doth or shall owe vnto me without due payment thereof, which I am
assured he will most willingly performe. And if either of the persons named
to be my executors shall happen to dye dureing the minoritie of my children
or shall refuse to take vpon him the execution of this my will for three months
after my decease Then I will and appoint my good freind Mr John Hanson
to be my executor in the roome and place of him that shall soe first happen to dye
or refuse And I give vnto him such Legacie and benefitts as I intended to my
other executor And I make my most esteemed freind S[i]r William Drake knight
and Baronnett
and S[i]r Thomas Tempest knight Overseers of this my will
And I pray each of them to accept of twenty pounds which I hereby give to
buy each of them a ring in remembrance of me And I humbly beseech my Lady
advice in the education of my daughter. And I desire my sonne may
continue sonne [sic: some] time with Mr Hide out of the experience I have had of his
abilitie and integritie and I herby give him tenn pounds. And soe I humbly
comitt my Children to the Almighties blessing And my said freinds care. In
wittnes whereof I have herevnto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare above
said. John Cockshute. I give a ring of thirty pounds vallue to my worthy good
Lady Harby S[i]r Jobs wife. I give further tenn pounds to my sister Walkenden 
to buy her mourneing. Published to my will in the presence of Ed[ward? mund?] Hoskins Hen[ry]
Awbry Tho[mas] Fox

[Looks like the standard Latin probate clause with the officers of the court granting probate 
on 22 November 1650 to Henry Parker armiger and Harman Atwood]

With thanks to Judith Werner