John COCKSHUTT of Huthwaite 1795/1798/1806

1. Extracted from the Registry of the

2. Exchequer Court of York

3. Until I can so settle my ~~

4. affairs as to enable me to dispose of my property

5. in a more regular form I make this my will

6. and testament for part of my effects having the

7. law of the land to dispose of the residuum I ~

8. give to my cousin Elizabeth Wheat an annuity

9. of twenty five pounds per annum for and during ~

10. her natural life to be paid quarterly and the first

11. quarter to become due one calendar month after

12. my decease I give also to my cousin Ann~

13. Sambourne one other annuity of twenty five

14. pounds p.[er] annum for and during her natural

15. life to be paid quarterly and the first quarter to

16. become due one month after my decease I ~

17. give and bequeath also to John Wells the son of

18. the late Thomas and Mary Wells dece[ased] of Glocester

19. Street Red Lion Square London an annuity

20. of twenty five pounds per annum to be paid

21. quarterly for and during his natural life the ~

22. first quarter to be payable one month after my

23. decease For these annuities it is my will that my

24. heirs and Executors shall give their joint and

25. several bonds to the said Elizabeth Wheat Ann

26. Sambourne widow and John Wells for the due~

27. payment of the same out of my personal effects~

28. which shall come into their possession at my~

29. decease over and above what is sufficient for the

30. payment of my debts or bonds notes or simple

31. contract for all which I have stock in trade far

32. more than equal as to the mortgages debts this

33. estate must continue liable to the several sums

34. and interest for which they are made security

35. and was so incumber’d when they came to my

36. possession. I give and bequeath to Edward Bunn

37. my agent in London the sum of Fifty pounds

38. I give and bequeath to John Woodroff my

39. clerk the sum of Fifty pounds I constitute and

40. appoint my brothers James and Edward ~

41. Cockshutt Executors of this my last will written~

42. with my own hand this first day of ~

43. January One thousand seven hundred and

44. ninety five 1795 and signed by me ~~~John

45. Cockshutt //

46. June 24th 1795

47. It is my will that in case of the decease of

48. Mrs Sambourne or Miss Wheat before me that

49. John Wells shall have an annuity of fifty ~

50. pounds during his life to commence one ~

51. month after my decease and in case both my ~

52. cousins Ann Sambourne and Elizabeth Wheat

53. survive me and either of them die before John

54. Wells then my will is that the annuity of

55. twenty five pounds which will cease at the

56. death of the said Ann Sambourne or the said ~

57. Elizabeth Wheat which shall first happen It is

58. my will that annuity of twenty five pounds

59. shall then be added to the twenty five pounds ~

60. bequeathed to John Wells and that he shall be

61. paid from the time of the death of either of his aunts above ~

62. named which shall first happen after my decease

63. an annuity of fifty pounds for an[d] during his life

64. to be secured to him as before mentioned ~~~~~

65. John Cockshutt

66. Sheffield June 13th 1798

67. On this day appeared personally James Wheat

68. Esquire of Norwood in the County of York and ~

69. William Thompson of Sheffield attorney at law and

70. being sworn on the holy Evangelists made Oath

71. that they are acquainted with the handwriting of


72. John Cockshutt late of Southwaite in the parish

73. of Silkstone Esquire deceased and on comparing it

74. with the testament purporting to be the will of

75. the said John Cockshutt with codicil annexed ~

76. beginning with the words “ until I can so settle

77. my affairs as to enable me to dispose of my property”

78. and concluding with the words “ an annuity of

79. Fifty pounds for and during his life to be secured

80. to him as before mentioned ~~ “John Cockshutt” ~~

81. did also further declare on oath that the handwriting

82. of the said will with codicil annexed is really and

83. truly the handwriting of the said John Cockshutt

84. Esquire late of Southwaite deceased~~ Jas Wheat

85. Wm Thompson ~~Sworn in the presence of me~

86. Thos Chadford ~ Surrogate this thirteenth day

87. of June 1798

88. This Will and codicil

89. was proved before the Reverend

90. Thomas Hastors Clerk and

91. surrogate of the Right Worshipful

92. Osborn Martham Master of~

93. arts commissary of the exchequor

94. court of the most reverend~

95. Father in God William by divine

96. providence Lord archbishop

97. of York primate of England ~

98. and metropolitan lawfully ~

99. constituted and on the twentieth day of June in the year of our

100. Lord one thousand seven~

101. hundred and ninety eight~

102. administration of all and~

103. singular the goods chattles

104. and credits which were of

105. the said John Cockshutt his brother

106. and one of the Executors in the

107. said will named and having

108. been sworn as the law requires

109. before the said Surrogate ~

110. (saving the right of every

111. other person ~~ Joseph Buckle

112. Deputy Register


113. This Will was proved at London with

114. a codicil on the thirtieth day of May in the year of

115. our Lord one thousand eight hundred and six before

116. the worshipful Charles Coote Doctor of Laws and

117. surrogate of the Right Honourable Sir William~

118. Wynne Knight also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper

119. or commissary of the prorogative court of canterbury

120. lawfully constituted by the oath of James~

121. Cockshutt Esquire the brother of the deceased and

122. one of the executors named in the said will to

123. whom administration was granted he having

124. been first sworn only to administor power

125. reserved of making the life grant to Edward

126. Cockshutt esquire the brother of the said deceased

127. and the other executor named in the said will

128. when he shall apply for the same #~~

Re. line 72: Should be Huthwaite