General and Commercial Directory of Burnley 1896


COCKSHOTT, Jonas, coal dealer, Railway siding; h. 25 Ann street
COCKSHUTT, Edmund, yarn agent, Avondale, Barkerhouse road
COCKSHOTT D., weaver, No. 14 Norfolk street

Padiham and Hapton

COCKSHUTT, Nathan, joiner and builder, 24 Victoria Road
COCKSHUTT, William, weaver, 8, Queen's Terrace

Old Laund Booth   -    (Cockshutt as given name)

BOOTHMAN, Cockshutt, farmer, Higher Old Laund
NELSON, Cockshutt, overlooker, 86 Larch Street

Kelly's Directory of the County of Gloucester, 1914


COCKSHOTT, Henry, appartments, 5 Belle Vue place High Street

White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire, 1850



Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire 1895

Wootton Bassett

Rev. William Evans COCKSHOTT

Slater's 1847 Directory of the Following Important English towns;
Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and West Bromwich, 1847


COCKSHOTT, Denis, butcher, Avery Street, Ancoats
COCKSHOTT, Henry, Manufacturer of Fustians, 4 Bread St. and 7, New High St.


COCKSHAW, Isaac, King Street, Printer - Letter Press

Gore's Directory of Liverpool 1829

COCKSHOTT, James, merchant, 17 Rodney Street
office: Exchange Place, Exchange Street

COCKSHOTT, William, watchmaker, 8 Portland Street
COCKSHOTT, John, sergeant on the staff, 30, St. Andrew Street

Appendix to Pigot and Dean's New Directory of Manchester, Salford, etc. for 1821-1822

COCKSHOTT and GREEN, manufacturers, 10 Brown-street
COCKSHOOT, John, turner, 3 Short Street, Stable Street
COCKSHAW, George, 32 Chapel Street Salford

Pigot & Co's National Commercial Directory for 1828-29

Cheshire, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland,
Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Westmorland, Worcestershire, Yorkshire

Lancashire, Manchester

COCKSHOTT and GREEN, manufacturers
COCKSHAW, Ann, furniture broker, 182 Chapel Street, Salford
COCKSHOOT, Jos., Hackney Coach Owner


COCKSHAW, Albert, High Street, Bookseller and Stationer
COCKSHAW; Isaac, Gallowtree Lane

Warwickshire, Birmingham

COCKSHOTT, Henry and Co. Gold and silver beaters, Windsor place, Barracks

Yorkshire, Bradford

COCKSHOTT, William, Chymists & Druggists (& hop merchant), 134 Westgate
COCKSHOTT, William, tea dealer, 134 Westgate (also John SUGDEN 31, Broad stones)

Yorkshire, Skipton

COCKSHOT, Thomas, gent., Skipton
COCKSHOTT, John, Addingham, butcher
COCKSHOTT, Sl, Grocer, tea dealer and draper, Addingham
JOPLING and COCKSHOTT, tea dealer and draper, Addingham

Cotton spinners and manufacturers

COCKSHOTT, Rt., Addingham
COCKSHOTT, Wm, Addingham

Lancashire, Clitheroe

Fire, &c. Office Agents

Norwich Union, Walter COCKSHOT, Market place

Iron mongers

Walter COCKSHOT, Market place

Lancashire, Padiham

Shopkeepers and Traders

John COCKSHOT, boot and shoe maker

Lancashire, Liverpool

COCKSHUTT, John, flour dealer, 20 Norfolk Street
COCKSHUTT, Ths., watch finisher, 85 Gerard Street

Gore's Directory of Liverpool 1829

COCKSHOT; Jas., 6, Exchange Place, Exchange Street East.

Mayor 1702


Glover's Directory of the County of Derby 1829


HEATHCOAT; Cockshut, Esq., Pastures, F.

Post Office Directory of Leicestershire and Rutlandshire, 1855

COCKSHAW, William Valentine, engraver and printer, 18 Welford road

Wright's Directory of the County Borough of Leicester, 1903

COCKSHAW, Alfred Charles, engraver, 6 The Crescent. King Street

History, Gazetteer and Directory of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland, 1877

COCKSHAW, H. & A., Printers and Engravers, Leicester
COCKSHAW, Alfred Charles, 18 Welford road
COCKSHAW, William Henry, 18 Welford road
COCKSHAW, Wm. Val., vict., Royal Arms, 18 Welford road

Pigot's National Commercial Directory 1835


Acadamies and public schools

COCKSHAW, Jeannette, New Walk

Booksellers, Staioners and Binders, Engravers

COCKSHAW, Albert, High Street


Rev. Thomas COCKSHOOT; Hill Street

Directory of Leicester 1815

COCKSHAW; I. C. Printer &c. High Street

Pigot and Dean's New Directory of Manchester, Salford, etc. for 1821-1822

Furniture &c, Brokers

COCKSHAW; George, 32 Chapel Street Salford

Kelly's Directories of Lincolnshire 1896 and 1913

Rev. John Stanley COCKSHOTT, vicar of Blyton