COCKSHOTT One Name Study at WorldConnect

Started 31 October 2002

I've been wanting to do this for ages, just haven't had the time.

Not that I haven't been working on the COCKSHOTTs,
in fact I spent weeks reducing the original 10,000 people to (to date) 7600.

When I started I made the mistake of collecting every person on the IGI .. what I didn't realize was:

some of them had been recorded more than once ..


For example Mary NIGHTINGALE: by the time I'd merged the records it looked like this:

obviously some of the people researching this family added a "circa 1811" marriage in Bradford because Ignatius was born there.*

WORSE .. some had been recorded up to 20 times:

I cut this down to 1 christening, 3 marriages and one father.

Some of my favourite records are the " Mr. and Mrs"

which really means: "couldn't find the marriage so don't know the mother's surname" or
"I hope they WERE married !!"

A special thanks to Carole COCKSHUTT who has sent me a lot of "Lancashire" info. and the members of YORKSGEN
who always think of me when they see the name COCKSHOTT.


*I think James and Mary married in Broughton, Yorkshire and that Ignatius and his sister Jane were christened in Lancs.

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