Wednesday 3rd July

This was something I'd been looking forward to for a long time .. the Brotherton Library Special Collections.

I'd planned to spend the day looking at the Quaker records then I remembered ...

the WILSON manuscripts are there .. 

everything relating to Bolsterstone and Bradfield. I bought the hand-book first .. 255 bundles of papers and books .. 
everything from a catalogue of the parochial library of Bolsterstone to lists of constables, overseers and churchwardens. 
Had photo copies made of quite a few documents and imagine my low cry (loud scream)  as I gently unfolded one page to find a legal document pertaining to the poor of Westnal Waldershelf 1748 containing 46 red wax seals and signatures including John COCKSHOTT (another hobby of mine).

It's wasn't possible to photo copy it but I ordered a photo and arranged to return the following week to pick it up.