Sunday 30th June

Left York for Leeds and as I was navigating we actually found it (Leeds) .. took a bit longer to find Oxley Hall

I think this was the point when we decided never to use the word "lost" .. 
"having an adventure" sounds a lot nicer.

On this "adventure" we found a squirrel and eventually Oxley Hall.

We were given ours keys, found our rooms and settled down for the week.

Anne Harley had also told me

"I think I ought to warn you that the smoke alarms at Oxley are a bit sensitive ..... 
They fear that more than one smoker
congregating in a bedroom might trigger the alarm. 
Worse than that, if we trigger it, we get the Leeds Fire Brigade haring up there at a rate
of knots to save us all - 
alarms have a direct link to the fire station!"

so we we met outside and continued to do so for the whole week.

Heather, Art, Magdalena and Cathy

In the evening we had drinks in the bar then a buffet meal.

After the meal a talk by Dr Ian Dewhirst, MBE on

"Victorian and Edwardian Church and Chapel Life"

I'd heard him talk in 2000 and was just as amused and fascinated this time.