Monday, 1st July Canada Day

09.30 - Pitfalls and Possibilities in Parish Registers

Pauline Litton gave us a talk on the location of Parish registers, 
PR transcripts, and Bishops transcripts and I now have signed copies
of some of her "Basic Facts About ..." series.

10.45 - Tea/coffee and biscuits

Marion Moverley described some of the problems of accessing local record offices and libraries 
and suggested some sources we may not have thought of.

 Leeds University's Brotherton library
The Historical Manuscripts Commision
  Click on ARCHON,

Familia - browse by place name, 

and Access To Archives

12.30 - Lunch

14.00 - A Jolly Jaunt through the Minster Archives

In the afternoon Louise Hampson described the York Minster archives
which are an absolute treasure trove of information. 

then presentations by Yorksgenners re New Zealand & Canada.