At the Fair

I've never been to a Family History Fair before, I always have to order things over the internet
 and now it was all spread out in front of me ..

Family History Societies, books, directories, fiche, Census CDs,

I was like a child in a sweet shop ...

Picked up my badge at Brenda's stand Yorkshire Ancestors and bought

Colin Hinson's Hunter's Hallamshire

signed up at the Huddersfield stand

After the fair we set off for York, and a dinner at the Royal Oak, Goodram Gate

First time in a car with Pat and Judy ... seems in the States you need two people to drive a car.

Judy drives and Pat shouts "too far left" .. which works most of the time but not always ... VBG

Anyway we eventually found it and had a lovely dinner and met some more familiar names.

Some photos from Magdalena on this page

Afterwards Jocelyn and Yvonne gave us a short tour (we were trying to find the car-park)