Pat Bennett  Died 10th July 2003   A very special lady 

Dear Lance,
I'm so sorry to tell you that my Mom passed away on July 10th. She had
been in the hospital for 2 weeks. She seemed better and was supposed to come home that week. I still can't believe that she's gone. I've been downloading her email and wasn't sure how to get in touch with everyone.


I can see her now .. sitting on a cloud with rather tatty wings (she's already lost a few feathers) .. a cigarette in one hand and a pile of research papers scattered around her. She'll be laughing at the "lady" and demanding to see the BMDs she wasn't allowed to look at while down here. She'll complain about the bishop in her rather loud voice, knock another angel off her cloud while whizzing around a corner and generally causing havoc.

But I bet they've never laughed so much up there or had so much fun. She'll be sadly missed down here. Jane

I, too, have been trying for some months now to get hold of Pat, but thought she was in Germany where she was planning to go this year.

I cannot express how sad I am. Pat, Judy, Jane and I became known as the "Brat Pack" after Yorksgen 2002, when the four of us went off around Yorkshire in the car she and Judy had hired - the one with the American flag standing on the dashboard. How well I remember our passing past the "golf balls" at the early warning station (M... something, I never remember the name). Pat just had to get the best photo so we drove round and round the site, stopping here and there to get a good view, wondering when the secret service and their cameras would rush out and "get" us! We laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Later that Fall, I went up to her house in New Hampshire where I met up with Judy and got my first taste of New England snow in a long time. We talked for some time about my returning to New Hampshire, hopefully renting/buying a cottage in Rollingsford where she lived.

Pat was a controversial person, extremely plain speaking and VERY New England. If anyone ever wondered what a real New England twang sounds like, just listen to Pat. She was very ill but would never let it on to anyone. It wasn't the cigarettes that got her - they kept her going.

Yorksgen meetings will never be the same.


Being a part of Yorksgen 2000 and Yorksgen 2002, I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Pat Bennett. Pat never did seem like a well person, but you just figured she would be the one to outlast the healthiest. At Yorksgen 2000 we always joked about Pat & Judy Petersen. Judy drove and got lost at every turn. Pat seemed to lose everything and leave behind even her puffers. They were a great pair, although very different. I will still always remember Pat's drawl as she said Braaaaadford in her accent and her very distinct laugh. She was very enthused about her family history and would have liked to have gone there every day. Some of us remember Pat being pushed around Castle Howard by Herbert in a borrowed wheelchair.

Pat stayed at Halifax Court in 2000 and 2002. Those who were part of these events just automatically hit it off with one another, and became friends. Last year Pat was in the house next door to us. All supposed to be non smoking houses. But I think Pat cheated more than once. <bg>

I wonder if Janice would mind if some of us who were at the Yorksgen events post a brief message and recall their encounter with Pat. Its a nice way of remembering her.

We'll miss you next year at Yorksgen 2004 Pat. But we will make a point of toasting you and remembering you.


Oh Pat! The smoking can't have helped....but yes, she was the first Yorksgenner I saw when I arrived at Yorksgen 2000 after being shunted around

the University site when no one seemed to know where we should be!!!


I just met Pat last year for the first time at the Yorksgen 2002, she was quite a card, always laughing. My favourite times with the entire group were at night in the house at the University when Art, Judy, Jane, Pat and I sat up at night telling each other of our days and sharing some amusing times of the days or of our lives, sometimes we laughed till we cried....

Pat was in on the "sock" secret, I have been off the list so I don't know if Jane ever did reveal why she posted a sock on her website, it was just one of those silly moments we shared together one night.

I am glad I was given the chance to meet her, we had kept in touch after we got home, I went off the list some time ago as I had company and then the kids for the summer, so it was quite shocking today when I rejoined to see the list talk of her passing....

We just never know what tomorrow brings so live your life to the fullest, make sure all you love know that you do. If you want to do something don't procrastinate it you might not get the chance again

Goodbye Pat, it just wont be the same without you around telling are going to Bradford

Cathy Wagner

I've been a couple months behind in reading my YORKSGEN mail (busy with other projects). Cathy alerted me to this recent news and I am really stunned and saddened. As folks will remember, Pat and I managed to get lost in all the fun places during the 2000 and 2002 gatherings in Yorkshire. I had never met her prior to the airport in Boston as we prepared to head to York. She drove me crazy at times (we just HAD to revisit her Bradford), but we really did have a load of fun. I last saw her when she had Magdalena stay at her house, and we three stayed up 'til all hours of the night laughing and talking. She even called Jane up so we could all say Hi! That was last fall. I will never forget her humor. The Charles XII will be awfully quiet next year, no matter how many of us are there!

Pat's chauffeur,
Judy Peterson

Dear friends,

and Pat's daughter Maureen,

With much sadness, we have heard today of the passing of our good friend, Pat Bennett.

Many of us met Pat in York, at Yorksgen 2000, and at Yorksgen 2002 in Leeds. I do not recall seeing Pat without a smile - such a warm and friendly person, she will be much missed by her many friends. Plans are being made for Yorksgen 2004 - We will remember.

Janice Wood
Yorksgen List Administrator